Zjantelle Markel


Born in Adelaide Australia to Italian immigrant parents. Went to law school in Adelaide and then decided after being admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales (Sydney) and the High Court of Australia – that I’d travel the world for 6 months. That 6 months became a lifetime. I left Australia in 1998. After 6 months of traveling around Europe, I lived in Rome Italy for 8 months, then London for another 8 months. Moved to NYC by the beginning of 2000. I got a job at an immigration law firm. It was not pleasant so I decided to “change careers”. In that process a CEO of a company asked if i could help with some visas. I said “Sure”. They referred another business. The people who’s visas I did referred their friends. I needed help. I needed bigger office space. From looking for a new career outside the law, I ended up with my own law practice. I love my job now. I love the people that work in my office. I love that we are helping people make their American Dream come true.