Tomoko Omori


Born and raised in Japan. Moved to USA in 1990 by herself to become an actress. Transferred to NYC in 1992 to pursue the career and act on off Broadway. Lost everything when her apartment burned down by fire in 1996 and started working TV station to broadcast the MLB live to Japan. When she got married to her husband, she ended the 2/3 of month business trips life and started her career on ad sales for community papers, end up crating the magazine called Chopsticks NY to introduce Japanese food & culture to NYers. Headhunted by a client of big Japanese chain restaurants and became a president of Go Go Curry in 2012. Turned the company making profit while the Japanese HQ never funded in USA company. She invested the company using her personal credit cards, the personal loan, even the guarantor of all 5 stores she expanded in 3 years. When Japan HQ faced the financial challenges in 2015, she took over to run the operation of the corp stores and became the master franchisee in USA and Canada. As of 2020, she owns 9 corp stores and several franchisees nationwide.