Sel Watts




Known to many simply as Sel, I am Sue-Ellen Watts. I have disrupted the HR business pretty much since my career began over 20 years ago.
Launching my first business HR consulting firm wattsnext in 2007, it has been an interesting journey. I started my Brisbane office at aged 30, just months before the 2008 global financial crisis with no business plan, no financial backing, no local connections and no family support – and a newborn baby.
Fast forward to today, my Founder role at wattsnext Australia has expanded to my favourite city in the world New York and to the creation of wattsnextpx! This opportunity has grown from my solid expertise in advising CEO’s and Founders on business & people-related challenges and opportunities. I have a true understanding of what it takes to grow a business and a love and passion for entrepreneurialism.
Due to my awesome teams in Australia & New York I have also been able to fuel my entrepreneurial flame by undertaking my most recent start-ups Scrappi, Your Secret Sauce and zzoota.
As a self-confessed personal development addict, I have gained my knowledge from hundreds of hours of coaching, mentoring, courses, workshops, travel, reading, conferences, & networking gatherings.
Staying curious drives me to always strive for more. I am forever embracing forward thinking & inspired ways to work and live with a no plan b approach to life! This is now being documented & shared through my weekly vlog The Unconventional Life. I literally have a camera following me around capturing life as it is, something I am still getting used to!
I am a proud mother of three sons who are learning a lot about resilience, gratitude, never settling and striving for a dream with everything they have!