Neal Goldenberg


Our family’s plastic injection molding company was begun in 1987. We have one location (factory) in Clifton, NJ and our major clients are Aerospace, Military, Commercial industries and US Dept of Defense. In 1997, while I was working in Finance in Boston, my mother became sick and passed away. I left my career in Boston and moved home to join the family business. In those 21 years since, we have: expanded into Metals, vertically integrated through acquisition, moved the factory, bought (and sold) our building, almost went out of business (twice), and had a LOT of fun along the way. Unfortunately, my father passed away in 2015 but I had essentially taken over as president when he first became sick a few years earlier. Currently, we are poised to have our best year ever. I am 44, Married for 6 years, 2 sons (age 4 and 2). We lived in NJ for the past 5 years, moved back to NYC Jan 2018 (because my wife and I missed it).