Martin Smithmyer



I feel very fortunate that as a teenager someone shared with me the idea of directing one’s life with intensity, clarity, and purpose. I credit this singularity of purpose with making the U.S. Rugby Team, playing professional rugby in England, attaining near-perfect grades at graduate school at American University while working full-time, being recruited to Wall Street shortly after an economic downturn despite not graduating from a ‘targeted school’, running the NYC Marathon without training, completing an Ironman Triathlon, and successfully founding and building my company into an Inc500 company within 3.5 years of full-time effort. I crave time with family and friends, learning, health, and adventure. My personal goals for the next 8 years include becoming a billionaire, climbing Everest, swimming the English Channel (scheduled for next year), and experiencing space travel. I am also planning during this time to expand my family (I am currently married and have a 9 year old daughter and twin 3 year-old daughters), to become a Harvard graduate, to obtain a law degree from an ivy league school, to become fluent in another language, to continue my pattern inspired by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Teddy Roosevelt of reading a book a week, and get in the best physical shape of my life.