Len Oppenheimer




My purpose is to create deep and meaningful relationships through shared experiences. There have been many amazing aspects of growth that have added to my life and who I have become while on this journey.

Some of the most notable stops on the path of learning have been as a father of my two son’s Jacob and Trevor. They give my life tremendous meaning and inspire me to take the role of being their father very seriously.

As a business owner, my company The Golden Box Inc., has provided ample challenges and opportunities for success. I have always felt a responsibility to where I live, and this led me to another notable stop: my role as Village of Hewlett Harbor Deputy Mayor (currently elected to my 6th consecutive term). Supporting the environment has also been important and with it includes my role as the Commissioner of Willow Pond Park (14 years and counting).

The key to unlocking almost all of this amazing opportunity revolves around my 22 year tenure in EO NY and as a 12 year Board Member of this great organization. My hobbies include travel, kite surfing, triathlons, biking, skiing, camping, golf, and a willingness to partake in any adventure. I’m pretty good at just relaxing on a beach as well. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about some of the things that inspire me and have helped shape who I have become.