John Dewey



John graduated college in ’88 as a software engineering and then moved into management consulting and operations research. Along the way attended Art School and earned a 5 year degree in painting and digital arts. After Art school he returned to his home town of NYC and for 9 years made art and continued occasional consulting. In 2002, following an unexpected death in the family, he took over Dewey Electronics, a systems oriented ‘bid to print’ defense manufacturing business. Dewey was founded in the 50’s and went public in the ’70s. Today the 8-12 million dollar Company has pivoted into ‘compact diesel energy systems for the battlefield’. Specializing in designing and manufacturing parameter-constrained energy-efficient power/energy systems for tactical/mobile applications. 90% of revenue is from new production and spares, 10% from R&D. John is also a member of the Metro New York chapter of WPO. As part of his work in the non-profit sector he on the board of a rapid startup national organization focused on K-6 literacy and improving teacher effectiveness. The Center for the Collaborative Classroom, in Emeryville CA