Javier Vazquez Delgado



The Millennial Entrepreneurs who succeed in America with the Orange Economy At 39 years old, Javier Vásquez Delgado, is the president of Top Brand an Engagement and Brand Experience Agency for premium brands, located in the TOP 30 of the most successful in the country according to P&M magazine. Top Brand is the result of the effort that Vásquez undertook from a very young age when he decided to look for a future in the United States. This Milleniall had more failures than successes, but when it succeeded, it did great. Now your company will maintain the accelerated growth rate for which it has characterized itself during its existence, to achieve a speedy internationalization, with which it will penetrate countries such as the US, Mexico and Chile. The rapid growth and great success with international brands have made Top Brand the target of large advertising groups, investment banks and private equity funds…