Jan Siderius


After 10 years in medical technology, in 2000 I launched Negometrix, a multicriteria decision sourcing platform for Hospitals. Most Dutch hospitals signed up, followed by universities and other sectors seeking transparency and efficiency. Adding clients from national ministries, counties, municipalities, public agencies, to commercial companies, Negometrix grew steadily ever since. Alongside broadening its clientele, it grew into a perfect digital solution for automating sourcing and contracting from start to finish. Today, our 65 employees are proud to serve 400 clients worldwide and supporting thousands of purchasing professionals every day; making better buying decisions worth $ 40 billion annually. Previously, I held senior management positions in the Hospital Supply Industry for Fresenius and Baxter. My field of study (and professional interest) is bringing efficiency in procurement combining a University Degree in Medicine (Groningen, NL) with Management (MIT Sloan US).