Jake Barone



Jake Barone is the President of Gateway Builders Construction and Development. After founding the company at the age of 19, Jake scaled Gateway to a multi-million-dollar boutique construction management and development firm within 5 years. With Jake at the helm, Gateway has gone on to successfully complete 60+ large scale projects, along with dozens of small interior renovations throughout New York City. Jake has nurtured one goal over the course of his career: adding value to his clients, staff and partnerships in any way possible. This has led to a wide expansion of services beyond what most builders are willing or able to provide.

Jake’s vision has built a business that allows for exceptional quality, great service, and the flexibility needed to tackle any problem, no matter how big…or small.

Jake earned his real estate license at the age of 17 and since then has built an extensive network not only within construction, but throughout the real estate industry – including strategic partners in brokerage, finance, property management, and more. Jake’s fierce obsession with helping people means if you need something, he’s got the skills, the team, and the network to help you get it done.

Jake believes you deserve a builder & developer who makes your job easier. That’s why he has built the Gateway team around the idea that we must think like an owner, investor, and developers. This way you can do your work faster, better, and solve problems before they arise.

Gateway’s clients appreciate this approach, too, and it shows. Every new project the Gateway team undertakes is a result of eager referrals from satisfied clients.