Daniel Levy


Daniel Levy, an Argentinean entrepreneur, had his first real experience with entrepreneurialism at a very young age when he started raising tropical fish in his bedroom and selling them to schoolmates in Buenos Aires when he was just 7 years-old. Levy emigrated to U.S after his Grad School in Oceanography in Brazil in 2001, knowing no English. Four years later, with just a $500 investment, he founded ManhattanHomeDesign. Today he represents about 100 furniture brands and operates three furniture verticals. In just few years ManhattanHomeDesign.com has grown over 500,000 percent, exceeding 2 million dollars in revenue in 2016. One of Daniel’s most proud achievements to date has been being selected by Goldman Sachs to be part of the Small Business program and receiving an award certificate from Warren Buffett, Goldman Sach’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Valerie Jarrett, Senior White House Adviser to President Obama