Dan Emery



I own 3 guitar schools, including NYC Guitar School, with a total of about 40 employees. I want to connect with other entrepreneurs to gain perspective and fellowship. I grew up in Idaho, ran track at the University of Idaho and also juggled a lot and played a lot of guitar, and then moved to NYC to pursue music. I played in bands for years, touring regionally and putting out a couple of records. After the birth of my first child, I decided to stop performing and began to teach guitar full time. I read lots of books on sales and marketing and began getting enough leads that I needed to start hiring other teachers. I am very proud of my company’s culture of service and responsibility, our high level of instructor, and the atmosphere of kindness and fun that permeates our school. I enjoy being around other entrepreneurs who are good role models who I can aspire to emulate and also who have experienced the same kinds of issues as me. I have some experience and expertise that I would be happy to share, but probably a lot more need to learn from others. I live in Yonkers with my wife and three children. I love history and martial arts. I have a black belt in Poekoelon (an Indonesian martial art) and also have studied Brazilian Ju Jitsu and good old boxing. I also coach kids soccer!