Colin Raja



I started my corporate career as a System and Network administrator making $70 a month. I then migrated to the US and was promoted to Assistant VP of Compliance at the Bank Of America in New York. It was at this time I started my business with my wife on and today we own 3 brands. It was during this time that a friend gave me the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which changed my life. I gained a different perspective on life and there started my desire for financial freedom. I hustled everyday, reading books and listening to podcasts and stumbled upon the trend of growing online businesses. I spent 19 hours a day for 1 year learning about this sector and started our business and moved our startup from a $100 investment to a multimillion dollar company within 2-3 years. Throughout my life I have had an insatiable desire to be successful. My father was an alcoholic and our family was very poor; everyone expected me to fail. This was the major driving force behind my success.