Chloe Carmichael



Hi, I’m Chloe!  I joined EO in 2015; at that time my main business was being a psychologist and employer of other therapists.
Since then, I’ve started creating/selling online courses on things like anxiety management, relationship issues, and business topics.
I also now have a book published by Macmillan (Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety) and endorsed by Deepak Chopra (got the Deepak endorsement through an EO connection!:)
I appear on TV somewhat regularly, and I’m quoted in the media often.  I also like podcasts (I have my own as well!), and I’m an oft-invited speaker at corporations and panels.
I’m interested in learning more about how to monetize my exposure, which is partly why I’m so interested in improving my online course strategies.
One more thing: I’m happily married mom of one amazing little boy.