Cathy Corman



I grew up in Massachusetts and worked at my mother’s Nursing Home starting at age eleven. After graduating from UMASS Amherst with a double degree in Gerontology and Health Care Administration, I relocated to Newark NJ (on a whim) to help start an airline called People Express. While it didn’t pay much, this job afforded me 7 years of amazing world travel and the opportunity to live abroad. From there I took a job at Mount Sinai Medical Center and attended graduate school at Columbia University nights. In 1991, upon graduating, I started ccp inc with $2K and worked out of a spare bedroom in my apartment. In 1993, I married Buzz Cmaylo, and we now have five children. I joined EO in 1992, and served concurrent years as membership, learning and forum chair. I withdrew my membership and took a break after my youngest (twins) were born, and rejoined in 2007.