Anthony Zito



Currently serve as CEO of Empire Surgical and CAP-able Leadership. Over a six year period have helped take Empire from 400k in annual revenue and six employees to over 5.5 million in revenue and 36 employees solidifying consulting and exclusive distributions contracts with major manufactures such as Johnson & Johnson along the way. I have 10 years of medical device experience as an entrepreneur and have been responsible for identifying early stage medical device start -up opportunities based on marrying new technological solutions to significant clinical needs. My role was typically that of a VP of sales for these new start- ups responsible for setting up national sales distribution and in some cases marrying VC’s and or Hedge funds with these start up companies. Start- ups that I currently do this for are: Arteriocyte inc, Pivot Medical, KFx Medical, NDI medical. Prior to getting into the medical device space I was one of the original people hired by David Gilmour at Fiji Water and helped build the brand in the NY market place eventually leading to the sale of the company to Roll Inter-national. Mr. Gilmour was my first real exposure and consistent interaction with a successful entrepreneur and he inspired me. I Received my MBA and BS from St. John’s University graduating with honors and was a former college football All-American and Conference Player of the Year. I believe that all of the success that I have had in my life has been accomplished through reflecting and observing. Self reflecting different personal and business decisions and learning from them. Observing other people and learning from what they have to offer from a different perspective. Success for me is also defined by how many people I am able to influence and inspire. I believe that EO is the perfect organization to provide an opportunity to learn and be inspired from other entrepreneurs, while being able to teach and inspire entrepreneurs. Thank you in advance for your consideration to become part of EO