Ameen Nassiri



I am a highly motivated Entrepreneur with an appreciation for art and design. In 2001 I founded my dream job. SPS Worldwide, LLC. An experiential, visual display and promotional products marketing company. This is where I get to do what I love! Be an entrepreneur and CEO of a business that encompasses my passions and challenges me to unlock and elevate my business skills and creativity on a daily basis. However, the two greatest rewards in life would be my father who was my biggest fan and greatest inspiration, and my son who just brightens my day every time he smiles! I have had the privilege to serve on the EONY Board for the past three years, as well as the North East Forum Expert for the Regional Council. I am extremely grateful to have found Entrepreneurs Organization and have a passion to explore EO at a deeper level. This has allowed me to create so many incredible relationships and has provided me experiences that I never would have imagined possible. But what I love most is the amazing members of highly talented and diverse members who struggle and celebrate, and more importantly, understand the tough challenges and wonderful rewards I experience on a daily basis. I am grateful to not have found a “networking” group, but an incredible community to be a part of.