Moderator Resources

A Forum Moderator is a member leader in each Forum that leads and manages the Forum to ensure that all members have a healthy, successful Forum experience. Forums elect a Moderator who attends Moderator Training, leads monthly meetings and serves as their Forums connection to the local chapters Forum Chair. A Moderator generally serves a one-year term.

Characteristics of the Moderator:

  • Attentive listener
  • Discussion facilitator
  • Inclusive and balanced
  • Attentive to process and agenda
  • Conscious of environment and potential distractions

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Presentations, Coaching and Exercises:
      • Leads process to recruit planned presenters and coaches for upcoming meeting
      • Communicates with planned presenters and coaches for upcoming meeting to be sure they are on track
      • Encourages the presentations to be rich
      • Researches and leads reflections and exercises for each meeting that build trust and deepen group relationships and cohesion
    • Forum Meeting Processes and Scheduling:
      • Sets and distributes agenda, at least one week in advance of Forum meeting and ensures its followed
      • Ensures regular scheduling of meetings and that all members are reminded of upcoming meeting dates and time
      • Ensures that the Forums constitution is followed and kept updated to reflect forum norm
      • Leads and documents housekeeping of the foru
      • Recruits and/or appoints annual and meeting roles such as treasurer, timekeeper, membership etc
      • Mediates disputes or misunderstandings that may arise between members
    • Responsibilities within your Chapter:
      • Attend and participate in quarterly Moderator meetings with Chapter Forum Office
      • Communicate news, events and local messages from the chapter board to the Forum member
      • Attend Moderator Training prior to the start of annual ter
      • Ensure Moderator elect is Moderator Trained and in place at end of your term. Facilitate smooth handoff.

Other duties may be assigned by Chapter President or board

Rewards of Forum Moderator role:

  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills in peer environment
  • Opportunity to learn leadership skills and strategies from other Moderators/leaders in your chapter
  • Beginning of a Path to Leadership within EO