Investing in your Entrepreneurial Journey

As a member of EO, you gain access to a wide variety of tailor-made benefits designed to help you grow your business and become a better leader. Supporting the complete entrepreneur, EO offers numerous resources to help you excel in your business, family, community and personal life. You’ve made it this far as a business owner— let EO take you to the next level!

If you have business challenges, want to expand your business networks or are looking to connect with small- and large- business owners who are ready to share their experiences and best practices, look no further. As a global entrepreneurial network, EO offers you the connections, tools and resources you need to reach the next level in your entrepreneurial journey. Explore the growing range of exclusive EO member benefits:



Once you have been a member for 3+ yrs


Considered one of the greatest beneifts of being in EO. Each member will be trained and placed in a forum, which is a group of 6-10 of your local entrepreneurial peers who will gather once a month for experience sharing. Each meeting is highly confidential and based on the Gestalt Method of sharing.

Key Executive Program

EO is known for supporting the complete entrepreneur with innovative and inspiring learning designed to provide tangible take-home value for your business, your family and your community. Our Key Executive Program (KEP) brings the value of EO directly to your trusted executives at your company to better align your vision with those who will be crucial in seeing it through to execution. Two offerings of this highly competitive event are offered exclusively for EO members and up to four key executives.

Global Communication Tools

360 Podcast

A podcast that explores entrepreneurship with a wide perspective, moving beyond business to those insights not often shared by high-profile thought leaders.

EO Events app

Access important EO event details including real-time event updates, event agendas, event maps, speaker information and attendee interaction and messaging. Available in the Apple app store.

EO Network app

EO’s primary EO mobile app that provides access to the EO member directory, event listing, event registration and more. Available in the Apple app store.

Octane blog

Regularly updated news source containing insights from leading entrepreneurs

Octane magazine

Since 2006, EO’s award-winning magazine, Octane, has been helping members learn and grow through inspirational and educational ​articles written about the entrepreneurial journey. Written by members, for members, Octane provides insights into some of the brightest minds in bu​siness, and leverages their experiences to help entrepreneurs in every stage of their journey learn and grow. The value of this quarterly publication is derived from shared experiences, lessons learned, best practices and tips from peers in varying industries and locations around the world.
EO Global will add you to this mailing list. Also available in the Apple app store.


Bi-weekly email newsletter that contains links to Members in the Media, Global Updates, Upcoming Events, Featured Podcasts.
EO Global will add you to this mailing list.

Live Educational Events

Entrepreneurial Masters Program

Location: Dedham, Massachusetts
Date: May 2019

The Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP) brings together 68 remarkable entrepreneurs, each a founder or co-founder of a company that grosses more than US$1 million, for four days at the MIT Endicott House.

GLC (Global Leadership Conference)

Location: Macau, China
Date: May 2019

EO GLC is an invitation only, leadership training conference for EO members who volunteer to be leaders in their chapter or region. The annual conference provides an exclusive gathering for EO members to share experiences and apply them to their businesses and everyday lives.


Location: Dubai
Date: May 4 – 6, 2018

Are you looking to scale your business? EO Grow is bringing you a 3-day learning experience lead by two of the most sought-after HBS professors in the world-famous Harvard case method style discussing a number of selected business cases that are packed with learning values and addressing various areas of your business.

Growth Forum

Location: London Business School
Date: March 17 – 21, 2019

London Business School’s top-ranked executive education and management training programs empower individuals and organizations to perform at their very best. The EO/London Business School Growth Forum will feature extended sessions, deep dive learning and pre- and post-session homework.

Harvard Business School Executive Education: Inspiring Entrepreneurial Strategy

Location: Cambridge, MA.
Date: Nov 2018

Successful entrepreneurs know that they will face fierce competition in the market and need to be up-to-date with the latest innovations and ideas to keep their businesses thriving. At EO with Harvard Business School Executive Education: Inspiring Entrepreneurial Strategy, members will develop groundbreaking strategies and skills in analyzing industry evolution that will help their businesses grow.


Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Date: Sep 2 – 4, 2018

EO Ignite, EO South Africa’s annual Power Get Together, will take place in the shadow of Table Mountain! This year’s theme is Open Your Mind. We plan to connect, educate and get inspired! The South African chapters (Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town) have organized three days of inspiration and education – from TED talk-style presentations and several social and business networking opportunities to passion-filled MyEO events.

Key Executive Program

Location: MIT Endicott House in Dedham, MA
Date: Oct 24 -27, 2018

EO is known for supporting the complete entrepreneur with innovative and inspiring learning designed to provide tangible take-home value for your business, your family and your community. Our Key Executive Program (KEP) brings the value of EO directly to your trusted executives at your company to better align your vision with those who will be crucial in seeing it through to execution. Two offerings of this highly competitive event are offered exclusively for EO members and up to four key executives.

Learning Events

Location: NYC
Date: Ongoing

You can bring a guest to many events. A great opportunity to further the education of those who work with you. Announcements for upcoming events are shared on


Location: Taipan
Date: Apr 11 – 13, 2018

Modelled after Entrepreneurship Masters Program, this event will have 3 action packed days os hands-on workshops and keynotes facilitated by world class speakers to help executive teams develop plans with accountability tools all mapped out. Taipan Masterclass aspires to be the Number One regional executive program in the Asia Pacific region.

One Level Up

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: Nov 28 – Dec 1, 2018

One Level Up is an international multi-day learning event designed to help you learn and grow both personally and as a business leader. Join entrepreneurs of all stages, listen to world-renowned business leaders on a variety of topics, and participate in once-in-a-lifetime activities. Don’t miss this chance to be in the beautiful, thriving city of Barcelona as you learn about the latest trends in business strategy, execution, leadership, differentiation, happiness, neuroscience, sex, talent detection, surfing emotional rollercoasters and much more.


Location: Portugal
Date: May 29 – June 2, 2019

EO Global hosts University events all over the world at least once / year. These conferences feature world renowned speakers with entrepreneurs from all over the globe coming together to learn from the speakers and each other.

Wharton: Elevating Finance + Operations

Location: Philadelphia, PA

In partnership with the top-notch talent at the Wharton School’s Aresty Institiute of Executive Education, the EO@Wharton Program will elevate your ability to connect strategy to performance, to increase your business’s value.


Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Date: Sep 12 – 15, 2018

You’ve heard of the X factor, that certain feature that gives your business an exponential advantage over its competitors. EO XCentric will focus on your X factor, those qualities that make you YOU. Enlightening presentations, unique social gatherings and optional MyEO events will help you bring your true XCentric self to everything you do—both in your business and personal life.

Mentoring & Coaching

Accelerator mentor

EO Accelerator members consist of business owners with at least $250k in revenue who are looking to grow their company over the $1M revenue mark. Many of these members are going through exciting early stage growth and are looking for mentorship in developing processes, expanding their team and moving into new market opportunities. Make a difference with these motivated EOA members by sharing your experiences in growing your own business!
Reach out to the Accelerator chair for additional information.

GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneur Awards)

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for students who own and operate a business while attending college or university. Nominees compete against their peers from around the world in a series of local and/or national competitions in hopes to qualify for GSEA Finals.


EONY has paired with several senior executive organizations to provide mentoring to EO members. A rare opportunity to be guided by executives who have experienced the challenges we all face and broke through to the next level.
Contact the Membership Chair.

Next Gen Summit – Mentorship

Next Gen believes that young people have the power to change the world – they just need the right tools. They aim to curate – both online and in person – a community of the world’s most talented young people, and provide them with the resources and guidance necessary for both personal and professional success. EO members can get involved as mentors.


Board Member

A great opportunity to work with fellow members. The EO experience can best be categorized as “the more you put in, the more you get out” and this is a great way to give to our volunteer organization.

Getting to Know You Lunch Program

This is an ongoing, member-driven lunch program. Basically it’s a way to meet other EONY members over lunch. The idea is to sign up with members you do not know or someone you’ve met an an event and want to get to know better. Candy Schachat, Assistant Chapter Admin, will be sending more details. Announcements for upcoming events are shared on

Health Network

The Healthnetwork Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to improve medicine for all by connecting CEOs with leading hospitals and their doctors to provide the best access to world-class care and increase philanthropic funding for medical research. 

MyEO DealExchange DX18 Conference

The MyEO DealExchange is a MyEO Premier Group. Our mission is to become THE go-to member resource for EO Members to engage in “Deals” (acquisitions, mergers, partnerships, exit transactions, financing or investment opportunities, and learning from member-to-member deal experiences). Please visit for more information, AND our Facebook Page

Other EO Chapters

Travel & reach out to other chapters – Events, advice, housing, summer parties

Backqard for retreat planning

A resource to help plan your next forum retreat with access to opportunities you might not of heard of before.

EO Connect

Access the collective experience of 10,000+ EO peers around the globe. Submit questions/requests for business and personal issues in a confidential setting and get an average of 4-6 relevant, quality responses in 48 hours.


An EO platform that allows non-members and members to share deals with EO members, while still respecting EO’s non-solicitation policy. After the deal is approved, the cost of listing is US$500 to members and US$1,500 to non-members.

MyEO   and the Matrix Platform

Take your EO experience a step further, engage a new network of peers united to focus on business, passion or lifestyle. MyEO Groups use existing social media platforms, like Facebook and Google Groups, leveraging in a central location for promotion exclusively to EO members.

Group Examples: Real estate, retail, green and technology industries; golf, scuba diving, motorcycling.

MyEO Youth Exchange

Imagine, if your child would spend a gap year between highschool and college to travel the world – perhaps spending two months in 6 EO families and working in 6 member companies, discovering the entrepreneurial stories behind each of them and breathing some of that air that drives us all – except with 6 different flavours.

Partnership Referral Program

The Partnership Referral Program is an initiative of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization to raise global awareness, grow the network and strengthen membership value through partnerships and strategic alliances. When we join forces with reputable organizations that align with our mission, we are able to expand our programs and resources and create more opportunities for each member to learn and grow. By raising awareness of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, we also facilitate chapter growth and expansion to new areas of the world.

New Members

New Member Voucher

This one-time voucher allows you $500 reimbursement towards an eligible event within your first two years as a member. It is emailed to you as part of your welcome package from EO Global.

NY Chapter Communication Tools

Job Board

Your network is your net worth and finding new people to join your team is key to your growth. Leverage the EO community to find your next rock star and post job openings on this email list.

Member to Member Offers

If you have an opportunity that others might benefit from and are not sure where to post it, this is the spot!

Members in the News

A great way to share your victories without violating the non-solicitation policy of the GeneralQA list. Share your wins and let the commuity give you a high five.

Tickets Wanted/Give-away or Sell

If you have tickets you can’t use for an upcoming event, offer them here.

WhatsApp Group

Great to use for spontaneous meet-ups. EO members from other chapters who are visiting NYC will be added to this during their visit. Announcement and link coming soon. 

PR & Publishing

Inc Blog

EO PRessPass

This is an exclusive member benefits that helps your and your company connect with business reporters who need sources for stories.


Recorded Educational Events

Scaling Masters

Maestros del Escalamiento, a Spanish-speaking podcast by EO, that dives deep into the lives of Latin American CEOs who have successfully scaled their businesses. Host and entrepreneur Daniel Marcos, the CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute, speaks with Latin American business owners to learn those skills, lessons and practical tips that will help fellow entrepreneurs take their own businesses to the next level.


A podcast by EO that places women entrepreneurs in conversation with those thought leaders who amaze, astonish and inspire. Each guest shares their own journey with entrepreneur and host, Kalika Yap, giving insight into the ordinary challenges of extraordinary people. Featured guests include: Lisa Sugar of pop culture hub, PopSugar; Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics; and Devin Alexander, celebrity chef and nutrition expert on The Biggest Loser. Tune into this podcast to marvel at the meaningful insights of entrepreneurs.

Social Media







LinkedIn: Everything Entrepreneurial by EO

Managed and moderated by Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Everything Entrepreneurial is a think-tank and knowledge resource for entrepreneurs worldwide. Start a conversation today to share business tips, success stories and even learnings from failures. Seek entrepreneurial advice, voice an opinion or simply join to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn group for alumni

Once an entrepreneur and an EO member, we never want to lose touch. This group is available to all EO alumni allowing them to continue the conversation and networking.


British Airways



In 2017, EO members saved an average of US$985 on select FedEx® services. The FedEx alliance provides EO members with up to 35% savings on shipping costs. Use passcode 9Y29ZF00.



HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer success, with a completely free CRM at its core.

Use our relationship with Inc. to tell your story and share your entrepreneurial journey.

MAP Consulting

Office Depot



EO members receive a complimentary Sixt Platinum Card, which provides car class upgrades when available, up to 15% in discounts, expedited service and more.


Spouses and Life Partners

Dine Arounds

Consistently ranked as one of the best events EO offers. Choose to be a host or a guest and enjoy a home cooked meal and the opportunity to meet fellow members and know them on a deeper level.


Connect with other EO members and Partners who have shared personal and professional interests. Opportunities range from wine and travel to art and skiing. There is almost no limit to the opportunities offered here.

Spousal / Life Partner Forum

Spousal/Life Partner (SLP) Forums offer the loved ones of EO members a chance to experience the same support, experience-sharing and education that members enjoy. These specialized Forums are becoming more common as members’ spouses and life partners discover the profound benefits of taking their involvement with EO to the next level.

Summer party

Winter party


Discover Series

Location: China
Date: November 2 – 4, 2018

EO Discover China Series is the flagship event of the Greater China Region. Join us in Taipei for learning, networking and amazing experiences.

Global Exploration

Location: Kenya
Date: Sep 22 – 28, 2019

A sovereign state located on the east coast of Africa, Kenya is a nation rich with history, tropical climates and sweeping views that can only be experienced at this once-in-a-lifetime EO global event! From stunning views of Mount Kenya to encounters with African elephants at the famed Nairobi National Park, the 2019 EO Kenya Exploration is something you must experience in your lifetime.